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After last autumn roll over I have been busy with other things, and the car is still under construction. Meanwhile our Saab Club has a nice Ice track- event and it give good possibility to enjoy driving with yellow Rallycross V4. My co-driver has put drivers seat absolutely too near to steering wheel and it was nearly impossible to me to drive the car. Some good round I Survive lit bit slover speed, until it was time to go home. “Maybe once again” thought, and get one clubmember to co-pilot seat. Typically, driving get faster and faster in every round, and then it happens- rollover- again.. Luckuly wery fast and soft rolling back to wheel, without any damage to pilots or to technic. Some extra bodyworks in garage, after bluewhite is ready.

Week after our club icetrack I made what every rallydriver should make regularly- to be an voluntary organizer in rallyhappening. My rallymechanic is an active in local rallydrivers club, and he ask if I come with him to Valkeala F- cup rally. Our duty was timekeeping in SS2 finish. Mechanic take care official online timekeeping machine, while my work was to handle manually time keeping. This is just for security reason, if something got wrong. Amazing how close those times were when we compare automatic light/cellular timekeeping (like an WRC events) to those time I take by pushing manual button when rallycar pass the finish line. During the day I noticed also how much prework one rallyevent need. We both get own brief whit every needed instructions, timeschedule for safetycars, police car, 000- cars etc. Somebody has made a lot of work before that weekend. We rallydriver just forged it sometimes, when criticize organizator- its huge work behind every rally. I recommend everybody partake !


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