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Time has run and USK-13 is still waiting to participate in a rally/race!

I can’t explain away, why I haven´t had enough time for USK-13. I have had much up with work, but I have still managed to find time for other Saabs… And one of them is a 96-75 I bought last autumn.

A friend owned this smaragdgreen 96-75, but he had to sell it because problems finding a good storage place. I have helped him to fix and repair this car in the past, so I know this Saab well. That’s why it was an easy decision for me to make, when my friend asked me if I want to buy it. I have many times said to myself that no more Saab`s but…

I think many Saabfreak know this situation oh so well.

The idea with this car was to get a little rally tuned street Saab 96. The painting was in bad condition, but the body is very good and there is no rust or welding.

During the winter the car has been repainted and fixed. The car is now ready. And we are going to try to participate in as many meetings as possible. The first meeting will be the Finish Saabclubs spring meeting.

The car will also participate in IntSaab 2012 in Belgium, but not with me at the wheel. Another friend of mine and his girlfriend will come with it to IntSaab in Belgium. They don´t have any own Saabs (yet..), so I will borrow this 96-75 to them.

And what is USK-13 situation?

The main problem was the gearbox. So I changed it to a “real” cast iron gearbox with 6:35 and SP 2. I also changed the engine, because of oil problem, to an old “little group A” engine. The question is still how this engine will work, because it is a long time since this engine has been in use. But it feels to be in good condition.

The main event that I had planned to participate in was Ice Track day in Kuru, but unfortunately I was otherwise engaged just before the event. But I am still hopefully to come out the road with USK-13 this summer!

And the story will be continued!

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