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Scandinavias biggest and only indoor Show for classic cars and bikes collected 17500 visitors last weekend. 400 vehicles was inside in three halls and around old cars, trucks and motorcycles of the visitors were parked outsid. get inquiry for show beginning this year, and it was easy to say: “yes thanks, we will come”.

To be at a show or fair, a lot of work is needed. Which cars we take, how our team will look like, what will we show etc. Tommi and I get good support from Saab 99 EMS -rally team – Henri Salonen and Teemu Pinomäki. Both Tommi and Henri had a professional backround in web- and advertising companies which helped much when doing materials. Teemu and I have salesman backround and strong knowledge about professional fairs, so our team works well during weekend. Our booth looked nice, and I hope that visitors get least some Saab Spirit which newer disappear ! had three Saabs in Show; Tommi´s bullnose project, Henris`s Ex Works Tapio Rainio / Jari Vilkas 99 EMS –77 AJX-702 ( original fitted with Saab´s 16 valve belt driven EMS motor) and My Ex works Simo Lampinen 96 V4 – 75  AEU-502.

Round the corner there was also another Saab team: with longnose twostroke 95 with Saabo caravan.

Between those two days, our cars were under huge interest by visitors. It was nice to meet old friends, mechanics who made our WorksSaab´s in the 1970`s, my old teachers from car mechanic school, AEU old drivers and many many other people. Specially stories from Saab´s glory days were interesting by rally mechanics. Thanks for all visitors!

One of the highlights was when the original AEU-502 pilots – Simo Lampinen and his Co-driver Juhani Markkanen – joined us on our booth. It was nice to discuss with such a gentlemans, and look how they enjoy the happening and were happy that their old “home” is saved and in nice shape today.

This year 2012 (maybe also 2013) we have a break with own rallying, target is more for enthusiast happenings such this Classic Motor Show. And maybe one to two Saabs will be renovated. Next happening is Saab Club of Finland old Saab meeting, WST- Hyvinkää 17th may.

Regards, Tikkis

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