One of the original two Saab Works Finland Saab 99 EMS rally cars is for sale! Not many details on the listing at, but you can check some more info on our site at Saab 99 EMS AJB-601.

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  By Tikkis After I made some adjustment (check the previous post) I have driven 360 kilometers of road test  – even on 1000 Lakes type gravel roads when I visited grandmas house in the countryside. Some little things needed to do, such as gearshift column adjustment. I drove also […]

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  By Tikkis Since I restored AEU in 2001-2002 I haven’t had any possibility to drive it because of leaking sylinder head gaskets. The car has still its original 1815cc engine with loose copper ring headgaskets. Something went wrong when I assembled the engine in my garage in Malmö Sweden […]

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